“If you call 911, you have to tell them who you are, what’s happening, where you are — all that information. With MyForce, they know all of that with the touch of a button. You don’t have to say anything.”

– Kayla W., college student


“There have been many reports of sexual assault and rape around my campus recently. I started living a life of fear—questioning if the University’s safety measures were enough to protect me. Then I found Myforce. I’m not afraid to walk home alone from my night classes anymore. I’m not afraid to go out to dinner late at night. All because Myforce is always with me, just a few buttons away.”

– Chelsey L., college student


“The potential of living this kind of life—free of fear. [With MyForce], I got a life that I never had before.”

-“Eve”, domestic violence survivor


“After I armed the service, I was so impressed about how quick the response time was. I feel so much more peace and at ease knowing I have MyForce at all times.”

– Julie S.


“I’m constantly amazed at how many times a day I launch MyForce. I’m not usually a scared person, but now that I have it, I realize the uncomfortable situations I find myself in day-to-day—whether it’s walking to my car after dark in a parking lot, going to an appointment in a shady neighborhood, or in the middle of the night when I hear the wind blow against the house and mistake it for something scarier. Luckily, I’ve never had to send an alert.”

– Kristen H.


“I have always been nervous walking home from class back to my apartment building, because my classes end so late. My parents were overjoyed when I asked for MyForce. I think we all feel better!”

– Casie W.


“As a salesman, I travel a lot for work to attend conferences. I always hated leaving my family at home—just felt like they were unsafe without me around. Now that my family is outfitted with MyForce, I honestly sleep better in my hotel rooms, knowing they have aid if they need it.”

– Paul S.