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Thanks for your interest in MyForce®. This page provides answers to the most commonly asked questions regarding our mobile personal security service. If you don’t find an answer to your question, please send us your question by completing form below or call our customer service desk at (866) 377-3677.

Q: What is MyForce?
MyForce is a complete personal security system you keep on your smartphone. MyForce provides you the ability to instantaneously notify a live response team of a crisis simply by pushing a button. MyForce security agents coordinate emergency response with local authorities who are able to provide help faster because they know who you are, where you are, and what is going on.
Q: When should I arm the MyForce service?
Whenever you feel concerned about your safety, arm the MyForce service by launching the app on your smartphone—that way the alert button is at-the-ready if anything concerning were to happen. The experience is universal when a situation arises that makes you think twice about your safety. Our members arm MyForce throughout their daily routines: walking to their car (day or night), jogging or exercising early morning or after dusk, traveling to unfamiliar locations, meeting new people/clients, commuting in urban environments via public transportation, or just walking across campus.
Q: When should I send an alert?
You should send an alert anytime you feel your safety or the safety of another is in imminent danger. Always err on the side of caution. We stress that you will not be charged extra for sending an alert. Your safety is our number one concern. There are many situations when sending an alert would be appropriate, including when you: hear footsteps close behind you, see the situation turning for the negative, are being attacked, hear someone breaking into your home, are a witness to a crime or assault, are experiencing a medical emergencies, are involved in a car, witness a fire.
Q: Who is monitoring MyForce alerts?
Is there a real person on the other end?
All MyForce alerts are received by our alarm monitoring central station and handled by professional security agents who are trained to manage a wide range of emergency situations. Our security agents are available 24/7 to get you help anywhere in the United States.
MyForce is also integrated with various campus law enforcement departments, including colleges, universities, hospitals, and corporations. If you send a MyForce alert while on a supporting campus, the campus law enforcement department is notified and will have direct access to information concerning your incident. Of course, the MyForce team coordinates the resolution of every alert to ensure you get the help you need.
Q: How does MyForce know if I need help?
Upon receiving an alert, our security agents immediately validate whether you are in crisis by listening to the audio uploaded from your smartphone. Once you activate an alert, it is important to be vocal (if it is possible under the circumstances) so our security agents know what is going on. If we can tell you are under duress from the audio, we immediately coordinate on-location assistance with the nearest public emergency responders. If we are unable to validate the alert through the audio uploaded from your smartphone, we will contact you by calling your mobile phone number. Make sure you keep your mobile number updated in your MyForce profile. If we contact you, our security agents will have you confirm your Safe Word to validate your identity and safety. If you provide the wrong Safe Word, we will assume that you need help.
Q: When does MyForce record and transmit audio from my smartphone?
Audio is not recorded or transmitted until you send an alert by launching the MyForce app and tapping the alert button. Once an alert is activated, the MyForce app continues to transmit audio from your smartphone until you disarm the alert by tapping the cancel button and entering your four-digit PIN.
Q: When does MyForce track my location?
MyForce does not track your location unless you send an alert by launching the MyForce app and tapping the alert button. Once an alert is activated, the MyForce app continues to transmit your location using the GPS functionality on your smartphone until you disarm the alert by tapping the cancel button and entering your four-digit PIN.
Q: What happens after I push the alarm button? What should I do?
Once you push the alert button, our security agents are listening to validate your distress call. Please be as vocal as you can under the circumstances. If you are able, provide any details of what is happening and who is involved. If you are in a building, tell us what floor you are on and what room you are in. First and foremost, do whatever is necessary to reduce your risk while we coordinate the emergency response.
Q: Who is responding to my emergency?
As a central station licensed and registered in all 50 states, our security agents work directly with Public Service Answering Points—better known as 911 dispatch. Using the GPS coordinates that are sent during a MyForce alert, our system determines the 911 dispatch in your area. We coordinate any necessary emergency response directly with the 911 dispatcher—providing all the critical incident and profile information to get you the help you need. The appropriate help will be sent depending on your situation (e.g., police, fire, ambulance). If you send an alert on a supporting campus (e.g., college, hospital, or corporate) that integrates the MyForce system, campus law enforcement will be notified and have access to all your incident and profile information so that they can respond.
Q: Why not just call 9-1-1 instead of using MyForce?
In an emergency, every second counts. You may not have enough time to call 911, wait to be connected with a dispatch operator, and then provide all the necessary information for the appropriate authorities to respond. If that notification process is averted or interrupted, the opportunity to prevent or minimize the crisis is likely lost. If the crisis moves away from the original location, it may be impossible to locate you when emergency responders are dispatched. While the purpose of 911 is to report an emergency once it’s already in progress, MyForce can help you avoid an emergency altogether by alerting our team before something bad happens. If something seems out of the ordinary or you are worried and just want extra peace of mind, send an alert so that MyForce can begin responding as soon as possible.
Q: What if I accidentally send a MyForce alert?
Don’t worry. You will not be charged for sending an accidental alert. Disarm the alert by tapping the cancel button and entering your 4-digit PIN. Our security agents respond to and validate every alert sent. Please be prepared to answer your phone and provide your name and “Safe Word” so that we can confirm your identity and safety. For this reason, it is very important for you to remember the PIN and Safe Word you establish during registration.
Q: How do I sign up for a MyForce membership?
You can sign up for a MyForce membership for yourself and your loved ones through the MyForce website order form, by calling Customer Service, or through your authorized dealer. Once you have completed the registration process, you will be provided instructions on how to download and activate the service on your smartphone. If you are purchasing MyForce for someone else, they will receive an email with instructions on how to complete their profile and activate the service.
Q: How do I activate MyForce on my smartphone?
After completing the registration process, download the MyForce application from the appropriate app store (iTunes, Google Play, or BlackBerry App World). When you launch the MyForce app, you will be prompted for basic account information you created during registration. After entering the required information, your MyForce service will be activated and ready to use.
Q: Do I need to activate GPS on my smartphone when using MyForce?
It is extremely important to turn on Location Services (GPS) prior to using MyForce so that we can determine your location and coordinate the response with authorities in your area. While certain phone models differ, try the process below to turn on Location Services: iPhone Users: Select Location Services under Settings. Make sure Location Services and the specific setting for MyForce is set to “On”. Android Users: Under Menu select Settings and then Location. Make sure the boxes are checked for “Use wireless networks” and “Use GPS satellites”. Then select “Location setting” and make sure it is set to “On”. BlackBerry Users: Go to Settings > Options > Advanced Options > GPS and set GPS Services to “Location On” and set Geolocation Services and Location Services to “Enable”.
Q: What happens if I do not have GPS enabled on my phone and I send an alert?
Our monitoring team will still receive the alert and listen to the incoming audio to validate your crisis; however, will have to call you back to obtain your location so that we can communicate with the nearest 911 dispatch to get you help.
Q: When do I use my four-digit PIN and why is it important to remember?
We protect your personal information and your personal safety by employing safety measures that require you to enter your 4-digit PIN that you establish during registration. Your 4-digit PIN is required to: • Cancel alerts • Access personal profile information on your smartphone • Update your account should you change smartphones or cellular numbers
Q: When do I use my Safe Word and why is it important to remember?
Anytime you are contacted by a MyForce security agent, they will confirm your safety and identity by having you provide your Safe Word. If you provide the wrong Safe Word or cannot remember your Safe Word, we will assume that you are in need of help and coordinate emergency response to your location. It is therefore very important that you remember your Safe Word.
Q: How do I view and update information in my profile?
You can easily view your profile from your smartphone by launching the MyForce app and selecting Menu. After you select one of the menu options, you will be prompted for your 4-digit PIN. You will then be able to review any category under your profile. To modify any of the information in your profile go to and login using your email and password. Be sure to save your changes after updating your profile or billing account information.
Q: When do you call my emergency contacts?
In the event of an emergency situation, your emergency contacts will NOT be notified until we have concluded our communication with emergency responders (e.g., police, fire, medical or other security personnel) to ensure you get help as quickly as possible. We call your emergency contacts only when it is appropriate to facilitate getting you help. For example, if you send an alert and have your location tracking services turned off on your smartphone, our team will call you back to obtain your location. If you do not answer our call, our team will call your emergency contact(s) to ask if they know your whereabouts.
Q: I would like to purchase a MyForce membership for more than one member of my family. Do you offer a package plan?
Yes, you can purchase multiple memberships under the same billing account, as well as discounts on the annual membership price for additional members or loved ones. If you’re interested in large group or corporate memberships, please contact
Q: Can I buy MyForce as a gift for someone else?
Yes, you may purchase MyForce for as many loved ones or friends as you choose, simply register through the MyForce website or contact your authorized dealer. You will have the option to purchase multiple memberships by entering their name, email, and mobile number. Each loved one will receive a notification email announcing your gift and providing activation instruction.
Q: How long is the contractual agreement?
Members can sign up for monthly or annual membership plans that are automatically renewed. Members have the ability to unsubscribe from the membership at any time; however, the MyForce service will continue until the end of the paid-for period.
Q: Which smartphones are compatible with the MyForce service?
Currently, MyForce is available on the iPhone (iOS 3.1.3 or later), Android (v. 2.0.1), and BlackBerry (v. 4.3 or later).
Q: Do you offer student discounts?
From time to time, we offer special promotions and pricing discounts through schools. Ask your school or college administrators if they partner with MyForce. If not, encourage them to contact us so that we can integrate MyForce on your campus.
Q: Will MyForce still work if I move to a different area?
MyForce works anywhere in the United States where you have cellular coverage—so you are protected even if you move or travel anywhere within those areas.
Q: Will MyForce still work if I get a new phone?
Provided that your new mobile phone is compatible with the MyForce service, you can easily transfer the MyForce service to your new smartphone. Delete the MyForce app from your old smartphone. Download the latest version of the MyForce app to your new smartphone, launch the MyForce app, and enter the requested account information. You will be prompted to activate the new device. The MyForce system is automatically updated. Your new smartphone will be activated, and your old smartphone will be deactivated.
Q: Will MyForce still work if I get a new mobile phone number?
If you get a new mobile phone number on a smartphone that you have already activated MyForce, simply update your mobile phone number by logging into your MyForce account and changing the number in your profile. If you have changed your mobile number and your smartphone, you will need to follow the procedures described in the proceeding Q&A.
Q: I purchased MyForce for my loved ones. Can they access my billing account information?
We protect the privacy of every member. After logging in to MyForce, your loved ones will see that you purchased MyForce for them, but they will not be able to view your billing account information.
Q: MyForce was purchased for me. Can they access my profile information?
No. The person who purchased MyForce for you will be able to see a status of your account (e.g., Pending Activation or Activated), along with the information they entered on your behalf (name, mobile number, and email address) to establish your account. However, they will not be able to access your profile information.
Q: I purchased MyForce for my loved ones. How will I know when they activate MyForce?
Login to your MyForce account and select the Account Summary page. Each user associated with your account is listed with the user’s current status. When the user activates MyForce, the status changes from "Pending Activation" to "Activated".
Q: How do I redeem my promo code?
From the MyForce website, visit the Register Now page and enter your promo code in section "B", "Select Term". If it is a valid promo code, the pricing will automatically change to the discounted amount.
Q: Why isn't my promo code working?
Make sure you have entered the promo code correctly. Promotion codes expire over time or you may have entered an invalid promo code. If you think you have entered a valid promo code, please contact customer service.
Q: I can't find the MyForce app in my app store. What should I do?
iPhone Users: Search for the MyForce app on iTunes from your iPhone. If you are unable to find the MyForce app, make sure you have downloaded a supported operating system: iOS v. 3.1.3 or later.
Android Users:
Go to the Android Marketplace on your phone and select “Settings” under the “Menu” options. Make sure the "Content Filtering" is set to “All”. Then, search for MyForce in Google Play. If the MyForce app is not found, check to make sure you have a supported operating system: version 2.0.1 or later.
BlackBerry Users:
If you search for MyForce on Blackberry App World from your phone and it does not locate the MyForce app, it is an indication that the operating system on your smartphone is not supported. Depending on your smartphone, you may be able to download and upgrade to a supported operating system.
Q: Do I need a cellular or data package with my wireless carrier in order for MyForce to function?
Yes. Cell phone service and a data plan must be maintained through a cellular carrier for MyForce to work properly.
Q: What should I do if MyForce cannot be activated on the smartphone?
1. Verify your account information. The information provided when your account was established (first and last name, email address, and mobile number) must match the information entered when you activate MyForce on a smartphone. If you need to correct the account information, simply login to your account and modify the user information.
2. Verify that the smartphone is compatible with the MyForce service. Currently, MyForce is available on the iPhone (iOS 3.1.3 or later), Android (v. 2.0.1), and BlackBerry (v. 4.3 or later). If your operating system is not supported, you may be able to download a compatible version.
3. Contact customer service to resolve any account conflicts. If you are unable to resolve the problem, contact the MyForce customer service department at (866) 377-3677. We would be happy to troubleshoot the issue with you.
Q: Who do I contact if I have questions regarding billing, service, technical questions, and support?
For any questions related to billing, customer service or technical support, please call (866) 377-3677 or email Our customer service representatives will be more than willing to assist you. Should you need more advanced support, they will direct you to the appropriate team member to assist you.
Q: How do I cancel my membership?
Simply deleting the MyForce application from your smartphone DOES NOT cancel your membership. If you would like to cancel your MyForce membership, please contact customer service at (866) 377-3677. Once you cancel your membership plan, your service will continue until the end of the paid-for period, but will no longer automatically renew for future membership periods.